November 24, 2011



 Distraction can be a treacherous thing.

I’ve been busy.
And not paying attention to my blog.

What a surprise, then, this morning when I learned, from a fellow tweep, that my blog was hi-jacked.

What? My blog was hijacked?
How the hell does something like that even happen?
Bad management, I suppose.
On my part.

And then the second question.
Why would someone want to hijack me?
And to that, I have no answer.
Other than it must have been a damn easy thing to do

It might be laughable, actually.
If it wasn’t so damn annoying. And troubling.

Which leads me to what I wanted to say.
And that is…

My apologies to all who received those hijacked posts.
I sincerely hope none have that content offended you.


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  1. November 24, 2011
    Jane Steen said...

    It’s OK, I had no idea what they meant! I could just about recognize the language.

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